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Project Introduction


Make021 is headquartered in the core area of Shanghai Hongqiao CBD, with 30 + independent entrepreneurial studios, 300 + entrepreneurial stations and 2000 square meters of space, providing a good office environment for entrepreneurs. The company has set up offices in Shanghai, Taiwan, Changshu in Jiangsu, Houma in Shanxi, and Jeju in South Korea. Relying on various design, industrial and entrepreneurial resources, it is committed to creating a unique platform for cultural and creative industries. Maker021 has been selected as Shanghai Municipal Maker Space, Zhangjiang Demonstration Zone Maker Space and National Maker Space. It is also incubator base focusing on cultural creation in Taiwan related young entrepreneurship base.


Creative Incubation


Through the integration of platform resources, Make021 cultural and creative platform forms the agglomeration effect of cultural and creative industry chain resources: it matches the professional entrepreneurial tutor team, links the investment and industrial resources of all parties, and gives the entrepreneurial team all-round entrepreneurial support through platform cooperation, so as to help the cultural and creative team realize the creative landing.


Product Exhibition


Within the space, the designer's original brand display and product flash display area are built to provide the cultural and creative design team with all-round marketing services such as product display, marketing, and brand promotion.


Cross strait bases


The "cross strait cultural and creative industry innovation and development base" and "Taiwan young designers ‘practice and development base" were launched and established to provide four major professional services for cross strait cultural and creative teams, including "space incubation, teacher guidance, market development, and order subcontracting", so as to promote communication and cooperation between cross strait cultural and creative teams.


Community Alliance


To launch and establish the "shanghai new forces - cultural and creative community leader alliance", promote exchanges and cooperation among various communities, organically combine the vigorous new forces with the development opportunities and social responsibilities of the new era, and inject new impetus into the development of communities. Project 8kartsict, integrated entrepreneurship center, project 8kartsict integrated entrepreneurship center, and project 8 (abbreviated as project 8) are located in South Korea and Jeju, based on the concept of CT + culture and art, Jeju international free city development center DC (an organization directly under the Ministry of land development), South Korea University of Arts Technology Holding Company (karts), JSA (Jeju entrepreneurship Association), make064 and make021, China's Make021 cultural and creative platform, is a global acceleration center jointly built by five institutions in the form of government enterprise cooperation, It aims to cultivate start-ups with global competitiveness and create an ecosystem of entrepreneurship, innovation and venture capital.




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